2007 Nominees

Each of the nominated essays was published, produced, or performed sometime during 2006..

Peter Arkle, Untitled Illustration

(published in The New York Times Book Review)

James Clauer, "The Aluminum Fowl"

(produced by O’Salvation Films)

Bruce Hainley, "Goin’ Down, Down, Down: Matthew Ronay"

(published by Parasol Unit)

Aaron Kunin, "Secret Architecture"

(chapbook, published by Braincase Press)

John Lahr, "Petrified"

(published in The New Yorker)

Michael Logan, "Investigation into the Death of Logan"

(published in Conjunctions)

Douglas Martin, Branwell

(published by Soft Skull Press)

Jun Moriwaki and Taisuke Ishida, Me and My Katamari

(produced by Namco)

RISD and the University of Yaounde, "Call and Response"

(online, produced by Daniel Peltz)

Wendy Salinger, Listen

(published by Bloosbury Press)

Julia Sweeney, "Letting Go of God"

(produced by Julia Sweeney)

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