Arnold - Litany for the Long Moment

Mary-Kim Arnold

from Essay Press

FREE SOLO poster

Jimmy Chin & E. Chai Vasarhelyi

from National Geographic

Ehrenreich - Natural Causes cover

Barbara Ehrenreich

from Twelve, Hachette Book Group

FUSSELMAN - Idiophone

Amy Fusselman

from Coffee House Press


Hannah Gadsby

from Netflix

Reina Gossett and Sasha Wortzel

“Happy Birthday, Marsha!”

Berry Grass - Battle Vest

Berry Grass

from Barrelhouse

A Silent Place - Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

appeared in the International Center of Photography

Sadia Hassan

from Longreads

Lauren Hough

from Huffington Post


Sandra Gail Lambert

from the University of Nebraska Press

Leon Neyfakh

from Slate

Parrish - The Life and How We Told It

Tommi Parrish

from Fantagraphics

Wardle - Three Identical Strangers

Tim Wardle

from Neon, Raw, and CNN Films

The Rider

Chloe Zhao

from Sony Pictures Classics

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